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4.) Portfolio!

I'm adding a portfilio page, Aug 24, 2019

I'll add a page for personal and commission works :)

3.) site edit

It was much needed, April 7, 2019

It‘s been a long time, and my characters and story have drastically changed. an update was in order!

2.) Conspiracy theories

I enjoy them, Jan 31, 2018

I want my stories and characters to reflect that... I think... So I'm going to put them in there. What if my world were based off of some of them? I thought that might sound stupid... but some great things are that way... so I will do it anyway.

Also it's been maybe 2 hours, and the site is looking a lot better now. I think 10 posts per page should be fine for the blog posts.

1.) Welcome

Getting this going, Jan 31, 2018

Hello, welcome to my site! Thanks for stopping by. Guestbook and content to be added soon.


You've stumbled upon my site... I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Here you'll find some of my art, characters, story, wrtiting... well just everything. Maybe a few extra things too.

Just look around.

Maybe sign the guestbook before you leave?

Tell me your opinion