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Commission info // TOS

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- πŸ’– I accept PayPal (USD), Gaia Cash, and deviantArt points only, and PayPal is preferred. If you absolutely can't use either and I trust you, you can pay me through cash app.
- πŸ’– I will add a 50 point fee for using points over PayPal (so please try to use PayPal. It’s only because I do not like having to wait to two weeks to access the earnings through dA...) 100 points=$1
- πŸ’– If using Gaia cash you can either pay entirely in GC or half/partial number in GC. Partial/Half is much preffered over full GC. 100 GC=$1
- πŸ’– You must pay for goods and services, and choose no shipping address!
- πŸ’– I may decline a commission if I feel I cannot complete it
- πŸ’– I work best with image references and clear color palettes
- πŸ’– Your commission will be posted on my various social media, but you can be left anonymous
- πŸ’– I can’t work with vague information, so please be as descriptive as possible, with a good idea of what you’d like from me.
- πŸ’– I will not start your commission until I've received payment
- πŸ’– I may take up to two weeks to complete the commission (usually less, sometimes more), and if I've taken over 2 months I will refund you. If I believe I will need to take longer than 1 month for your commission I will tell you. You can decide if you want to continue the commission.
- πŸ’– After I send you the sketch to make adjustments, I will only make adjustments up to three times. If I have to completely redraw it, I'll only do so once. In the case of mystery commissions, you won't get to see it until it's completely finished and I won't make changes (so please give me as many character refs as you can!) If I just messed something up so horribly and I'm able to change it easily, we can work it out, though.
What I won't draw:
- Not much! That is if you’re willing to pay more for strange things..
- Hard limits would be NSFW children/anything resembling CP. I WILL BLOCK YOU IF YOURE A PEDO. NO DAIPERFURS OR ANY OF THAT!
- ASK!! If you want something very strange or pornographic, I WILL CHARGE MORE
What I will draw:
- Humans, children (SFW!!), gijinkas
- gore, guro, blood, body horror
- Nudity (keep it tasteful lads) and tame fetishes that don’t come off as immediately pornographic
- Mild furry (furry features)
- Fanart (I'll need refs!!)
- I'm best with cute girls!!
- Anything not listed here MAY cost more, ASK TO BE SURE PLEASE! (Because it may just be that I didn’t think to list it)
Refunds & Cancelations
- You or I may cancel your commission for any reason
- You may receive either a full or partial refund depending on how much has been completed
- In the case of Mystery Commissions, as long as it hasn't been finished completely I'll give a half refund
- If the commission has been completed you can't have a refund and you may not cancel

Simple chibi

This one is very simple! It's best for simple characters, but detailed characters can be simplified. There is no shading and I can work with any palettes. (This one is not appropriate for Gaia avis unless simplified heavily.)


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